Bačka Palanka, Serbia

Bačka Palanka, Serbia

Church of The Assumption
of Blessed Virgin Mary

creative concept

We designed this concept in an attempt to beautify the Palanka church in an adeqate way. If you find it to be such, please, support this eonomically poor parish in Serbia.

Thank you!


Fr. Frantisek Gasparovski
Rimokatolicki zupni ured
Bezgresnog zaceca BDM

Trg bratstva i jedinstva 28
214 00 Bačka Palanka
Serbia Europe

From this day all generations will call me blessed

The parish church in this town in northern Serbia shares the common legacy with country surrounding it and people living there. The post-war needs are all but eye-striking here. It is still a catholic church, where the God stays in Eucharist in which He transubstantiates Himself at daily Holy Mass. All of the forms of this sacred space have to be adequate to its content — they must be sacred, too.

So after almost heroic struggling for at least usable church building, the parish priest, Father Frantisek has commissioned new concept for artistic sacralization of its interior. We have prepared this concept rendered in the main view of the inner space.

The colors red are reduced to the ceiling of the sanctuary where they are coherent with eucharistic theme of that space enclosed by the composition of the Last Super —the Eucharistic offer. The ceiling is based, as the whole Christianity, on four Evangelists painted in rondos in the corners of the ceiling. Those figurative frescoes are supplemented with decorative symbols of the vine and wheat.

Spaces in the nave, together with arcs in the presbytery, are supposed in colors beige and blue. Those are symbolic to Blessed Virgin Mary, Patroness of the church. Triumphal arc is enclosed with the first sentence of Magnificat —in all the four vernaculars spoken in Bačka Palanka together with ecclesiastically unifying Latin.

We designed marble structures for pillars along with cornice which should be partially gilded on several oval parts.

Bačka PalankaBačka Palanka