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Ad maiorem Gloriam Dei

Thanks to mercy, blessing of the Church, and prayers and funds of the believers we may create works for God’s Glory.

The GloriaDei creative team may be rightfully labeled as the youngest Slovak team which has the longest history of being dedicated to sacred art. This history began 58 years ago. Back then the 12-year-old Peter Chambal (today known as “Chambal, Sr.”) decided to become a “church painter”, influenced by impressions from then ongoing wall painting of his native town’s church. His team originated under its current name GloriaDei as part of the creative house riverstone on 30 May 2005.

GloriaDei thus goes on, enriches, includes, and builds upon the philosophy and the work created by Peter Chambal Sr. From the very beginning he has been creating all his works on a principle which he had formulated inspired by masterpieces of Christian art and opinions of Catholic thinkers:

Architecture, art of sculpture, and art of painting must form a harmonic whole; only in that way they create a space appropriate for the Liturgy.

This conviction, continuously enriched through the study of church documents, Holy Scripture, scholarly publications, and reviews of most recent events in the field of art, architecture, design, liturgics and engineering technologies is, naturally, passed on the work of GloriaDei.

So far we have accomplished murals, liturgical furnishing, altarpieces, sculptures and stained glass windows in almost 150 churches in Slovakia, Central Europe. Beyond the borders of Slovakia we were commissioned by the Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia to realize an iconographical program in the Slovak National Chapel of the Virgin Mary of the Seven Sorrows in the lower basilica of the Sanctuary of God’s Mercy in Krakow – Lagiewniki, Poland.

The GloriaDei team

The GloriaDei team: 4 men who spend a significant part of their lives together creating sacred art—according to them it is one of the most beautiful as well as most demanding human activities.

Dr. Peter Chambal Sr.

The brain, heart and base of GloriaDei. The unrivalled author of figural compositions in 99% of our works. His diploma work helped him a great deal to achieve this status — a monumental figural painting Generations, which he painted in the vestibule of the Residential Cooperative in Trnava in 1974. It has remained there until today as one of few realized monumental diploma paintings. (He took his Doctor of Education in Art in 1974 after defending his work focused on a role of depiction of the crucified Christ in psychological development of a child. Yes, it was during the Communist Marxist atheistic regime!)

Since then he has painted several tens of thousands of fingers, several thousands of figures, and filled several hundreds of square meters as backgrounds with short brush strokes. He has undertaken all of this in his daily effort to point out God’s aspects through images for the sake of limited human vision. Along with paintings he also realizes figurative works in sculpture, relief, stained glass and graphics.

Peter Chambal Sr. is author and co-author of all conceptions of the iconographical programs in churches accomplished by the GloriaDei team. He is the Head of the team, Creative Director for painting and sculpture, and President of the whole riverstone company.

Peter Chambal Jr.

The oldest from the second generation of artists from the Chambal family, he was made to be part of creative process since a very young age. Already as a child he was devoted to inscriptions, working on scaffoldings directly in churches. He has remained faithful to typography until these days as evident at most of works of GloriaDei. He has designed almost all sets of liturgical furnishing which have originated in the GloriaDei studios. He is an uncompromising adherent of a complex approach to liturgical space by way of graphic design, and he searches for new possibilities in new technologies to express eternal truths. Together with Peter Chambal Sr. he creates complex artistic compositions.

Peter Chambal, MFA is author and co-author of conceptions of the GloriaDei iconographical programs, Creative Director for design and spatial realizations, and Executive Director of the riverstone company.

Robert Bezak, the Archbishop of Trnava, commissioned him to prepare and coordinate the 2010 Year of Christian Culture in Slovakia for the archdiocese of Trnava.

Pavol Chambal

Similarly to all younger Chambals on the team, Pavol also grew up in the atelier. It has naturally become evident in his life profession – he is an expert on reconstruction of works of plastic art, and on gilding. Along with restoration he significantly participates in the creative process within GloriaDei.

Along with artistic work he is responsible for the business section of the company riverstone where he is Chief Operations Officer.

Juraj Chambal

His creative spirit becomes apparent at spatial realizations within the GloriaDei team. He is co-author of numerous proposals for architectonic and design solutions which we have created in the GloriaDei’s studio.

Juraj Chambal is responsible for technical processes, and provides smooth supplies of technologies and materials.

Veronika Pincekova/neé Chambal

Together with her siblings Veronika has become natural part of the team not (only) due to her background, but especially due to her expertise. Veronika Pincekova, MA is an art theorian and works on the team of GloriaDei as a consultant in the field of theory and history of fine art.